About Nas Ganev

Mini Biography

Nas Ganev was born in Haskovo, Bulgaria, on the 28th of October 1991, and he is the son of Greek and Bulgarian parents Valcho Ganev and Daniela Delibaltadaki. Nas Ganev is a British-trained, quadrilingual Bulgarian and Greek actor based in London, UK. He moved to Miami in 2013 to pursue his professional career in performing arts and marketing, where he studied acting.

In 2019, Nas moved to London, United Kingdom, where he resides. He graduated with a BA (Hons) in Interior Architecture from the University of Westminster, and his passion for sustainability led him to pursue an MSc in Architecture and Environmental Design.

Nas Ganev has a substantial commercial, social media, and blogging background. He has been featured not only in magazines and on the runway but also on TV screens and movie theaters. He is a trusted figure in the beauty blogging community in London and has a strong social presence.

My blogging journey

My name is Nas Ganev, and I’m a beauty and lifestyle blogger currently residing in London, UK, with my roots tracing back to Bulgaria and Greece.

Initially, I began blogging about my global travels, tallying up an impressive count of 61 countries and still counting. It was a thrilling and rewarding experience; however, in 2019, I made a life-changing move to London, where I decided to put down roots and build a more settled life.

My journey traversed the globe while working as a Spa Manager aboard the Royal Caribbean cruise line. During this time, I acquired a wealth of skincare knowledge, thanks to a diverse clientele and exposure to sophisticated therapies addressing common and uncommon skincare concerns. With a decade of spa industry and skincare experience, I shifted my focus entirely to beauty. The decision proved a resounding success; people sought my advice, and I found a broader platform to share my knowledge.

Consequently, I am committed to spotlighting outstanding, captivating products and treatments while offering honest assessments of those that fall short. If a brand markets a product that fails to deliver, lacks value or conceals its true nature, I firmly believe it should make room for something better. My mission is to provide you with insights into what truly works.

Though beauty has taken center stage, rest assured, my passion for travel remains unwavering. You can still expect a plethora of travel-related posts. However, my primary focus is addressing skincare concerns such as enlarged pores, aging, uneven texture, etc.

Beyond blogging, my interests extend into the realms of Fashion, TV, and Film. I’ve had the privilege of featuring in various photoshoots as a model, including campaigns for Urban Outfitters, Creams Cafe, and others. Additionally, I appeared nationwide on BBC3 and iPlayer in the series “Eating With My Ex” (season 3). You might have spotted my image on TV, in magazines, and in newspapers for performing the first post-lockdown haircut at midnight. Furthermore, I’ve graced multiple Disney and Netflix productions with my presence.

In this era of social media, I’ve adapted my career to become a successful digital creator and influencer. I share my experiences in fashion, beauty, and travel on Instagram, embracing the evolving landscape.

I’m fluent in English, Greek, Bulgarian, and Spanish, enabling me to work across the globe, from Europe and North America to Asia, Australia, and the Caribbean.

I eagerly anticipate ongoing collaborations with talented and creative individuals, producing inspiring work while having a blast doing it. My partnerships include Caudalie, Benefit, Rimmel, Superdry, Remington, YSL Beauty, The INKEY List, PRESS, MyVitamins, Adobe, Dr. Organic, Superdrug, and many others.

If you want to contact Nas Ganev, please visit the contact page.

Advertising Policy: I now take selected ads in an open fashion and sponsored posts that are clearly labeled. In the interest of being open, the sidebar is a paid-for service for products I rate and like. You’ll never see anything I don’t like in the sidebar for the sake of getting some money.

There is a flat rate for the sidebar place, and you can always contact me via email, and I can send you all the pricing. Mind that gifting products for me to try is not considered payment, and I maintain the right NOT to post. If I like the gifted product, it will end up being mentioned and discussed. I always remain ethical and transparent.

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