Bermuda - Top 10 Best Things to Do

Bermuda – Top 10 Best Things to Do

Bermuda - Top 10 Best Things to Do

Another day, another country…  

I absolutely loved Bermuda, its crystal waters, and its pink beaches. Aw, the beach!

Bermuda has numerous beautiful and peaceful beaches that can just take your breath away.  

I went a few times to this beautiful country in the Atlantic Ocean and every time it was like a dream.

It is highly influenced by the British and has a large British population, as it was a British colony.

Bermuda - Top 10 Best Things to Do

It is definitely not a typical Caribbean island. Food has some Caribbean influence, but also British, Indian, and American.   

A lot of high-end restaurants are situated on the main strip in Hamilton, mainly French or American cuisine and a few Indian restaurants in the back streets.

Something that really made an impression on me was the local fashion.

Men were dressed in suits, however shorts instead of trousers with long socks just below the knee.

Bermuda - Top 10 Best Things to Do

Variety of shops were selling those type of suits and they were quite pricey, so I guess was a sign of wealth.  

I wonder if those pants would suit me?

Something else that I loved in Hamilton was the colourful surroundings.

Every house or street was a different color, making the city really welcoming and pleasant to stroll.      

Interesting facts:

Bermuda - Top 10 Best Things to Do
  • Bermuda is a self-governing British overseas territory in the western North Atlantic Ocean.
  • It is an archipelago of 7 main islands and about 170 additional named islets and rocks, situated about 1000 km east of Cape Hatteras in North Carolina.
  • Bermuda is neither geologically nor spatially associated with the West Indies, which lie more than 1300 km to the south and southwest.      
  • Well, as you can tell, although a small territory, it is full of fascinating and beautiful things to see or do.

So instead of my usual top 5, I have a top 10…  

Bermuda’s TOP 10 things to do:

1. Horseshoe bay

Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda, Pink sand beach
Pink Sand beach in Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

Southampton parish’s Horseshoe Bay is the most photographed (and famous) beach in Bermuda, making it hard to score a prime spot on the sand, especially if a cruise ship is in town.

The blushing sand at Horseshoe is gorgeous at any time of year, but the water is chilly from September to May, so unless you enjoy a frigid dip, you should steer clear of the tide after Labor Day.

But even in the colder months, Horseshoe is a great spot for a romantic stroll along the sand.

And if you’re in town during Easter you have to make a special trip to Horseshoe to see the beautiful handmade Bermudian kites flying high on Good Friday.  

The views are stunning and the pink sand is breathtaking; some thought it as the best beach in Bermuda, which may be why many also complain about the heavy crowds.

Travellers also warn that the ocean waters can be rough with a strong undertow.

Luckily, you can rest easy with your kids playing in the waves because this beach employs lifeguards.

Plus, Port Royal Cove offers an enclosed part of the beach that keeps the waves out.

If you get hungry, there are plenty of beachside eateries to choose from.  

2. Historic Saint George    

Bermuda - Top 10 Best Things to Do

Did you know that St. George was one of the first English towns established in North America?

And like its contemporaries (Jamestown, Virginia, and St. John’s, Newfoundland), St. George holds firm to its colonial roots.

When you visit you’ll pass the same Town Hall and Old Rectory that the settlers used hundreds of years ago.

During the peak summer season, period actors roam the winding streets, simulating the old days – there are even town criers and townspeople sentenced to the stocks.

In 2000, the historic town of St. George became a UNESCO World Heritage site.

There’s much to see in the village, but be sure to include the following on your itinerary: the Old State House (the oldest stone building on the island), King Square (where you’ll find a replica of the pillory, stocks and dunking chair used for punishment) and the Unfinished Church.

Visitors say taking photos in Town Hall Square is a must.    

3. Royal Naval Docks

Bermuda - Top 10 Best Things to Do

The Royal Naval Dockyard is a picturesque way to break from the pink sand beaches.

And if you’re visiting during Bermuda’s chillier seasons, it could end up being the highlight of your trip.

The site was once the principal base of the Royal Navy in the Western Atlantic Ocean, but now it’s a tourist-slanted marina and cruise ship dock that’s stocked with waterfront restaurants, art galleries, quaint (though overpriced) shops and a few pubs.

You’ll also find the National Museum of Bermuda and the kid-friendly Dolphin Quest water program here at the Keep fortress.

Visitors applaud the number of attractions available at the Royal Naval Dockyard, especially the shopping and local artisan craft stores, making it a great place to grab some last-minute souvenirs.     

4. Unfinished Church

Bermuda - Top 10 Best Things to Do

In 1874, settlers in St. George began building an opulent replacement to St. Peter’s Church, an Anglican place of worship that was established after the 1612 English settlement.

But poor planning led to insufficient funding and creative squabbles, which led to eventual abandonment following a debilitating storm that left a crumbling ruin and eyesore.

Cut to the present day, and the structure has been fortified to withstand visitors, though it’s still unfinished with only the sky for a ceiling.

Currently, more repairs are being done, so visitors can only check out the grounds, but you can still enjoy spectacular views through the arches.  

If you only stop by one spot in the historic village of St. George, travelers implore you to make it the Unfinished Church for the incredible Gothic architecture and serene surroundings.

Past visitors said it’s worth the trek uphill as the church is stunning and your photos will be equally so.   

5. Elbow Beach

Bermuda - Top 10 Best Things to Do

If you’re looking for sand at its pinkest, stop by Elbow Beach.

Just remember that a good chunk of those pink pebbles is privately owned by the Elbow Beach Bermuda hotel and the Coral Beach Club.

Honeymooners should investigate a different spot because Elbow has a reputation as the most family-friendly shore on the island.

This is partially due to the reefs that keep the waters safe and mild and also the food wagon that patrols the perimeter of Elbow Beach on a regular basis.

The majority of visitors describe the beach as pretty, clean and secluded, saying it’s a better alternative to some of Bermuda’s more crowded beaches.

Many are also happy with the location and variety of restaurants within walking distance.   

6. Bermuda Aquarium, Museum, and Zoo  

Founded in 1926, the government-owned and operated Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo is one of the world’s oldest aquariums.

The facility offers a variety of activities to engage visitors, such as animal feedings, arts and crafts, animal storytime and even guided snorkelling expeditions.

The 7-acre complex is home to more than 200 species of fish and marine invertebrates and 300 birds, reptiles and mammals.

After checking out the aquarium and zoo, head to the National Museum of Bermuda and learn about the impact humans have on Bermuda’s ecosystem through interactive exhibits.  

Recent visitors said the aquarium, museum, and zoo, although relatively small compared to others of its kind, are a must-see as kids love it and the low prices can’t be beaten.

Many also praised the knowledgeable staff and educational aspects.  

7. Crystal and Fantasy Caves

In 1907, the Crystal & Fantasy caves were accidentally discovered by two young boys.

The story goes that Carl Gibbons and Edgar Hollis were playing an intense game of cricket when the ball was hit into a hole.

Bermuda - Top 10 Best Things to Do

One of the boys climbed down the hole to retrieve the ball, and alas, the caves were discovered.

The caves covered in crystal formations surround a 55-foot deep lake.

Today, bridges run throughout the caves allowing visitors to descend deep into the darkness and witness the magnificent beauty of the crystals while on a guided tour.

Recent cave explorers praised the informative tour guides and the breathtaking crystal formations.

There is a lot of walking up and downstairs, so visitors highly recommend bringing comfortable walking shoes.

And to avoid the crowds, plan to get there early in the morning; it also tends to be a bit cooler and less stuffy in the caves this time of day.    

8. National Museum of Bermuda

The National Museum of Bermuda chronicles more than 500 years of the island’s history with several exhibits on slavery, immigration, and tourism.

Located on the grounds of the Keep fortress at the Royal Naval Dockyard, the museum also recounts Bermuda’s naval heritage. 

Recent visitors said they were pleasantly surprised by how much they enjoyed the museum and found its exhibits fascinating.

Devote most of your time to the adjacent Dolphin Quest, an interactive water program in the Keep Pond.

Adults and children ages 5 or older can play with and swim alongside the Atlantic bottlenose dolphins that live at the museum.

Recent visitors say they loved the experience.        

Bermuda - Top 10 Best Things to Do

9. Warwick Long Beach

This Bermuda beach, the longest on the island, snakes along a half-mile of the island’s southern coast.

Vacationers report a pleasant breeze at Warwick Long Bay during the summer months.

But take note: Those winds feel like a chilly blast come wintertime.

Warwick Long is great for families because it has an inner reef that safeguards against strong waves.

Plus it’s never as crowded as Horseshoe Bay. 

Recent Warwick visitors enjoyed the beautiful, clear water and soft, pink sand and recommend bringing a camera.

The beach is secluded and perfect for peaceful walks on the beach or even horseback riding – both of which past visitors raved about on TripAdvisor reviews.     

10. Tobacco Bay

There are few public beaches in Bermuda that have concessions stands or restaurants with a liquor license.

One that does – Tobacco Bay – is just a short distance from the cruise ship dock and the village of St. George.

In addition to boozing, you can rent snorkelling equipment at Tobacco Bay (though I’d recommend you drink after you snorkel).

Visitors give glowing remarks on snorkelling in the clear water, lounging on the soft – if sometimes scalding – sand, or interacting with the friendly residents.

I personally did not go but I did my research.

Bermuda - Top 10 Best Things to Do

Where to stay:

There are many places you could stay in Bermuda. You can choose between a variety of hostels, hotels, and Airbnb to ensure an amazing vacation.   

You can use the Booking.com map below to see current prices in Bermuda.


Here are two of my favourite hotels in the area:    

The Reefs Resort & Club


Set on a coastal cliff, The Reefs Resort & Club is home to one of the island’s finest slices of pink sand, one that magically unfolds into a pristine underwater environment the moment you step into its turquoise waters.

Swim out about 20 yards and you’ll be greeted by the very reefs that give this hotel its name—semi-submerged coral heads positively teeming with marine life.

Guests generally are repeat ones; the family-owned vibe is pervasive.

Expect a well-oiled team of hotel professionals who take pride in knowing your name and making your stay as pleasant as possible.

This is an oceanfront boutique resort perfectly suited for a lazy beach vacation.  

Hamilton Princess & Beach Club

Bermuda - Top 10 Best Things to Do

Hamilton Princess overlooking the stunning blue waters of the Hamilton Harbour.

With panoramic views of the water, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful yachts passing by at this Bermuda hotel.

The hotel couldn’t possibly be closer to the shops, restaurants, and attractions in the City of Hamilton.      

In conclusion, Bermuda is a lovely place to visit with loads of things to do.   

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