Best Blogging Equipment to improve your content

Best Blogging Equipment to improve your content

A lot of you asked me what camera and blogging equipment I use, so I thought sharing what I use would be of interest.

I have been doing it for the past three years, so being on top of things like equipment is very important. Quality content comes from your own creativity, but having good equipment that doesn’t break your pocket helps to make the content sharper and increase your audience reach.

Let me know in the comments if you want more information!

Blogging equipment

I’ll break it down into two categories which are the things you probably know you need as camera and editing tools, but also the behind the scene tools that you might not have known you need.

The Basics:


I’m actually using my camera more and more recently. Although the camera on my iPhone 11 Pro Max is quite powerful and so handy for snapping Instagram shots, I still use my camera all for my blog photos and for my videos. I use the Canon 750D. I use 50mm for my videos and 24mm for my outfit shots. They both give that beautifully blurred background.      

I’ve had the Canon 750D for 4 years. It is such a good camera and it is easy to use even for beginners. It took me a while to get used to all the functions and I still don’t use it to its full capacity but it’s so great for the cost of it. I think it’s around £400for the Canon 750D, however, if you have a higher budget I’d go with the Canon 6D.  My 50mm lens is a game changer and I love it and I am now saving for a Sigma lens. These photos were all shot with the 50mm lens:    


As I mentioned above, I use my camera for a lot of my Instagram photos, but I edit all my Instagram images on my phone.

A really handy app for keen bloggers is VSCO. I love using this as it has the option to create your own presets recipes, but enough about editing. You can check my other blog post on How I edit my pictures!


 I’m using a Microsoft Surface Laptop which I got just over 2 years ago, and it’s working as well as new. Knock on wood to keep it that way! Heh.

I had always used PCs and I’m not about to change that now. You can also use a MacBook Pro for FinalCut Pro if you are a newbie to video editing, but I use Adobe Premiere Pro, which is more complicated, but also the only option for PC users.      

Behind the scenes equipment:


Best Blogging Equipment to improve your content

The microphone is a game-changer in your videos as it brings clear sound. I’ve ordered one from Amazon, but it had some really bad sound residue. 

The second one I got does the job much better! Make sure you always turn it on! I wasted 1 hour of footage once as it had no sound.


Living in London is quite gloomy and rarely sunny, so when I’m filming my YouTube and Instagram videos, I use lights. I have a couple of box lights that I use and work really well for both hauls and skincare videos. It is necessary to use lighting as filming at home can get different lighting throughout the day and throughout your videos and that makes it really hard to edit later.

Hard drive

Imagine taking over 100 photos per shoot… for the last 9 years. That’s a lot of photos! Which takes up lots of room on your laptop. I’ve moved all of my videos and photos to my hard drive! I will upgrade soon to an SSD one as they are faster, more secure, and less fragile.

Another option is to use a cloud service as iCloud or Google Photos. It optimizes the photos so only a low-resolution version is stored on my phone and laptop which frees up a lot of space. Memory cards   You can never have enough! They always get full and the most annoying thing is to sit and delete photos or videos on your camera in the middle of a photo shoot. Make sure you get Ultra High-Speed Card – UHS ii Pro, so you can work faster and take higher quality videos easier.  

I use it for my videos and for shoots where my friends are busy to help. They’re so, so handy! My camera can connect to my phone and I can
actually, see and pose for my photos. 

This has saved my life multiple times but also has made all my lonely travels into amazing shots.

This is the equipment I use and I’m so far happy with it. Let me know if I’m missing anything in the comments section.

Enjoy creating content! <3

Best Blogging Equipment to improve your content

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