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For collaborations, campaigns, brand partnerships, and sponsored content, please contact me at naskoganev@gmail.com. You can request my media kit and rates via email too! I only collaborate with brands I have a genuine passion for and would use or buy myself. See the disclaimer below for more info.


I am always very excited to try new brands and am grateful for the generous blogger mail that I receive. If you think that I’d like your product then please email me at naskoganev@gmail.com or use the contact form to request my postal address.

Please note, samples are for consideration only. I ‘unbox’ blogger mail on my Instagram stories, linking to the relevant brands, however, beyond this, there is no guarantee that a product will be featured unless previously discussed as a collaboration. Where I genuinely love a product, I will always try to include it in my content.


I enjoy attending events and am always happy to receive invitations, please email naskoganev@gmail.com


I huge part of my blog and personal passion is travel. I love to travel and share my visits on my blog. I’m always open to visiting new places so please drop me an email at naskoganev@gmail.com


For any general inquiries, or just to say hello, you can drop me an email or pop a quick DM on Instagram!


All views are entirely my own. I will never publish a dishonest opinion of a product or service. Unfortunately, I do not accept guest blog posts or pre-written content.

 I only feature products, places, or services that I genuinely love and would use and spend money on myself. As such, please do not be offended by a rejected offer; I am always very grateful for each and every one I receive, however, I have to be selective and true to what I believe in.

I will always make it clear where products or services are sponsored.


 Occasionally I use affiliate links throughout this site and my Instagram; these are a small way to financially support my blogging. You are not obliged to use them, you can click away from them. If you do use them, they do not cost you any more money. I earn revenue from the brand paying me a small percentage of commission for recommending the item to you.