How to Make the BEST Dalgona Coffee

How to Make the BEST Dalgona Coffee

Summer is still here, but even if it wasn’t there is a perfect cold beverage to satisfy anyone. Even on the cold, rainy British days.

Since it’s so popular and everywhere right now I decided to share my own recipe for the Dalgona coffee trend.

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What is Dalgona Coffee?

Dalgona coffee originates in Korea and it’s also known as Frappe in Greece or Beaten coffee in India. The dalgona coffee has two distinct layers made from whipped coffee cream sitting on top of whipped milk or the other way around.

It’s been circulating for a while now, however, TikTok has made it quite popular and has become one of the TikTok trends of the season.

People have started calling dalgona coffee by other names like “whipped coffee”, “frothy coffee”, or “fluffy coffee.”

What tools you need?

I normally make it with my Nespresso Aeroccino 4 and I’m quite happy with the results, however, you can make it with a whisk or another frother as well. I’ve included links to both frothers below.

The Nespresso one costs about £80, but it also warms up milk and it’s easier to use for a variety of coffees. The handheld one is 14 pounds and it’s the one my mom has, so I’ve tried it as well.    

So now that we have all the tools, let’s make our coffee!



How to Make the BEST Dalgona Coffee

Step 1

We add the sugar of choice, depending on our liking and how sweet we want it, and two teaspoons of instant coffee for medium strong coffee. 

I use Nescafé, however, any brand is fine. 

Add little bit of hot water.

Dalgona coffee recipe step 1
Dalgona coffee recipe step 1

Step 2

We next use a whisk or the Nespresso frother I normally use. 

In this case, I’m using a regular whisk as you may not have a frother or an electrick whisker. 

A frother would make the coffee and milk foamier. 

Fill the glass with ice.

Dalgona coffee recipe step 1
Dalgona coffee recipe step 2

Step 3

Next, we foam up the milk.

I use the Oatly Barista edition as it froths really nice, but you can use any milk.

Then add it on top.

The original recipe does not froth the milk, however, this is my own twist.  

Dalgona coffee recipe step 3

Step 4

Add a paper straw and enjoy your delicious Dalgona coffee!  

Dalgona coffee recipe step 4

 This is my personal way of making the famous Dalgona coffee. 

Let me know in the comments below if you tried it and tag me in any stories on Instagram of you recreating this.   

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