Peaky Blinders The Rise Live experience

Peaky Blinders: The Rise LIVE Experience in London

Peaky Blinders The Rise LIVE Experience in London Camden town
The Italians’ Cabaret Lounge

A few weeks ago I visited the Peaky Blinders: The Rise LIVE experience which was probably the best immersive experience I’ve been to so far!

I highly recommend it, so you know already how amazing this review is. I can’t stress enough how much I loved it!

What is the Peaky Blinders The Rise LIVE experience

One of the top favourite shows about 1920s Britain, Peaky Blinders has a LIVE experience in Camden Town, London. It’s called Peaky Blinders The Rise and is a truly unmissable theatrical experience that transports you inside the world of TV’s most notorious drama at the Camden Garrison, the glamorously gritty new venue in the heart of Camden Market.

You will follow Tommy Shelby and his family in their ambition to take over London, with Mr Sabini trying to get the liquor license to sell to Kapone in Chicago. It’s all up to you, as you explore the live sets, complete the challenges and interact with the show’s most iconic characters.

Whether you’re a devoted fan or just up for a fascinating night out, dust off your finest flat cap and get ready for a bloody good time! ‍

Peaky Blinders The Rise LIVE Experience in London
Tommy Shelby addressing his family.

Based in 1921’s London, the Crime boss Tommy Shelby invited me to his family’s Camden warehouse to share an expansion plan that could prove lucrative for everyone. You start with 5 quid and you need to make them to 40 pounds before the night is over. You could do this by being a spy or simply doing all the grunt work. It’s all up to you how you discover the sets and how you interact with the actors.

Whether you kick back in the pub, advise on business affairs in the office or conspire with the Italians in the cabaret lounge, how the family meeting goes is up to you. Just keep your eyes open and your ear to the ground, because Tommy’s enemies are closer than you think…

I had personally so much fun and got dressed by Moss Bros for the occasion with a suit from their Moss Bros x Peaky Blinders collaboration.

Have a look below at the reel I did from the event. Sound on!

How to get to the Peaky Blinders The Rise LIVE experience

Exact Location

The full address is The Camden Garrison, Camden Market, Chalk Farm Road, NW1 8AH.

Easily find the exact location of the entrance to The Camden Garrison with what3words.

Tap the link or enter the 3 words into the free what3words app, and then follow this pin on your Google Maps to bring you directly to their front door in Camden Market.

Entrance ///fruit.city.woof

London Underground Services

The Camden Garrison is served by 2 underground stations, Chalk Farm Tube Station (a 3-minute walk) and Camden Town (a 5-minute walk).

These stations provide access to the Northern Line which in turn allows access to mainline stations and alternative tube lines within a few stops.

London Overground Services

The Camden Garrison is served by 2 overground stations, Kentish Town West (9 minutes) and Camden Road (11 minutes). Please note neither overground station operates at nighttime.

Bus Services

Camden Market is serviced by a number of buses on Chalk Farm Road.

Chalk Farm is served by the following services that are frequent and reliable:

  • Bus Route 25 (24hr service) to Hampstead or Pimlico
  • Bus Route 27 (24hr service) to Turnham Green
  • Bus Route 31 to Camden Town or White City
  • Bus Route 168 to Hampstead Heath or Old Kent Road
  • Bus Route 393 to Clapton Pond.

Kentish Town Road is serviced by the following services:

  • Bus Route N5 to Edgeware or Trafalgar Square
  • Bus Route N28 to Camden Town or Wandsworth
  • Bus Route N31 to Camden Town or Clapham Junction.

In addition to the two 24hr services, Chalk Farm is serviced by three night services:

  • Bus Route 214 to Highgate Village or Finsbury Square
  • Bus Route 134 to North Finchley or New Oxford St
  • Bus Route C2 to Parliament Hills Fields or Oxford St Station
  • Bus Route 88 to Camden Town or Clapham Common Station
  • Bus Route N20 to barnet High S or Whitehall/Trafalgar Square.


We actively encourage cycling to the venue. There are multiple secure cycle parking facilities including:

A bank of cycle racks in the North Yard in front of the horse ramp

A bank of cycle racks outside the market entrance on Chalk Farm Road.

Travel by Car

Camden Market does not have any car parking facilities.

You can see a link to book tickets here!

Peaky Blinders: The Rise LIVE Experience in London

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Peaky Blinders: The Rise LIVE Experience in London

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