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Nourished Vitamins: Are the 3D Printed Personalised vitamins worth it?

Are the Nourished Vitamins worth it?

Nowadays, you can personalize almost anything. The list goes on and on, from the oldies-but-goodies like personalized T-shirts and necklaces to the new and bizarre, like customised slate cheeseboards and portraits of your pets dressed as royalty.

It might not be necessary to buy another mug with your name on it, but your nutrition is still worth personalizing. When it comes to health and lifestyle, each person has their own unique needs. Keeping your vitamin intake in line with this is crucial to staying healthy.

Vitamins tailored to suit you

It can be difficult to get the right kind and amount of vitamins. The number of pills to take and the amount of time available can sometimes seem overwhelming. There is no reason to spend hours organizing a daily pill box, as it is easy to forget to take so many supplements.

With Nourished vitamins, you can eliminate at least one niggling task from your day-to-day life with its innovative, all-in-one solution. The company creates vitamin “stacks” that are in the form of gummies, and they contain all the nutrients you need for your everyday life.

Find the vitamin stack personalised to suit you for just £28 per month

Each gummy vitamin stack is made fresh on demand via 3D printing and is carefully formulated to complement and enhance your mind and body’s requirements, no matter what your lifestyle is. All you need is one gummy a day – no fiddling with dozens of pills, tablets and supplements – and you can get them delivered to you in a monthly subscription to keep things ticking over seamlessly.

Nourished’s stacks have been voted the UK’s highest-rated vitamin product and are packed with high-impact, scientifically-backed ingredients and nutrients. A monthly subscription for a pre-made ‘lifestack’ costs just £2, and you can cancel any time. A three-month subscription bundle is priced at £75 for three boxes, whilst a personalised vitamin stack subscription, containing a unique blend of 7 active ingredients costs £35.99 per month (get-nourished.com). You can get a discount of 40% using code NASG.

Nourished vitamins variety of stacks.

NutriStacks in collaboration with Colgate

If your oral hygiene is a bigger priority for you, Nourished has you covered. The brand has launched its Nutristacks which are designed to be taken on the go, giving you fresh breath, and enhanced oral protection throughout the day

Find your Nutristack personalised to suit you today from £28 per month

With so many ways that Nourished can help, it can seem overwhelming at first. Which Nourished vitamins combination is best for you? What kind of stack do I need?

I’ve put together this handy breakdown matching your lifestyle to the perfect Nourished vitamins products to help you supercharge your winter. Take a look:

For those always on the go

Nourished vitamins  The High Flyer Stack.

You’re Busy with a capital B. Most of your waking hours are filled with back-to-back meetings, deadlines, and phone calls. If this is you, then you need nutrients that will keep you feeling at the top of your game. Nourished Vitamins’ High Flyer Stack is formulated with micro-nutrients, including Ashwagandha to relieve stress and anxiety, and LactoSpore Probiotics to reduce bloating and fortify your digestive system.

Try a monthly subscription today

You could also try the Plant-Based Power Stack that’s packed with daily essentials. Taking just one of these a day gives you all the vitamins you need, such as Iron, B12, Zinc and D3 – perfect for when you’re rushing out the door in the mornings.

Buy now (£28 per monthly box, get-nourished.com)

For pre-natal support

Nourished vitamins  The Prenatal Stack.

If you’re expecting, this is the time when your body needs all the right nutrients to help you grow your beloved and give yourself a boost at the same time. Nourished’s Prenatal Stack has been thoroughly researched for you and your baby and is scientifically proven to support a healthy pregnancy. It contains Folic Acid, which is essential for expectant mothers, as well as Zinc, Iron, Vitamin D3, Milk Thistle Extract, and Ginger Extract.

Buy now (£28 per monthly box, get-nourished.com)

Running around picking up small children all day long can wear your immune system out really quickly, especially when those kids pass any cold bugs (or worse) on to you. The Inner Defence Stack helps your immune system to put up extra defences with a combination of immunity-boosting essential vitamins, such as Vitamin C and Beta Glucan.

Sign up for a monthly subscription today

For the night owls and gamers

Nourished vitamins  The Gamer Stack.

Your brain is your biggest asset, and you love exercising it by playing the most mind-bending games out there. The Gamer Stack is specially formulated with that leaderboard in mind and will help you enhance your mind, health and well-being. It contains ingredients like Tart Cherry and Vitamin B12, which boost your performance while fighting against insomnia.

Buy now (£28 per monthly box, get-nourished.com)

Getting enough sleep is hugely important in order to give your brain enough rest each night so you wake up feeling refreshed and ready for whatever life throws at you. But if you can’t stop your mind from racing, try the Sleep Tight Stack. It’s full of calming and rejuvenating high-impact vitamins and nutrients that increase melatonin levels, improve sleep time and quality, and reduce insomnia.

Get a monthly box now

For sexual health support

Nourished vitamins  The His Sexual Health Stack.

Sexual health is often overlooked, despite it playing a huge part in our lives. Get your hot girl summer on with Nourished’s Her Sexual Health Stack, which is formulated especially for women in order to support hormone balance and fertility health. It contains Vitamin D3, which studies have shown is associated with improved libido and sexual function, as well as Inositol, which can help contribute to normal hormone balance.

Buy now (£28 per monthly box, get-nourished.com)

Men also need to take care of their sexual health, so the His Sexual Health Stack is here to help. Packed with Beetroot, which improves blood circulation, stamina and endurance, as well as Vitamin D3, which a study has suggested can increase testosterone levels, this little gummy will help you and your partner stay satisfied.

Try a monthly subscription now

For the gym-goers

Nourished vitamins  The Shape UP Stack.

Getting fit during the summer isn’t all about looking good, it’s about feeling your best and making the most of the sunshine. If you’re looking to boost your fitness regime, the Shape Up Stack is the one for you. It’s full of supplements like White Kidney Bean Extract and Apple Cider Vinegar, which help support weight management and help you meet your goals.

Test out a monthly subscription for yourself now

Feel extra, extra good about yourself and let your beauty shine from the inside out this summer. While you work on your fitness, the Inner Beauty Stack works on giving your skin, hair and nails all the nutrients they need to keep you looking absolutely fabulous. Essentials like Vitamin E, which fights against ageing, and Silica, which supports healthy hair growth and collagen production, will have you glowing in no time.

Buy now (£28 per monthly box, get-nourished.com)

Still not sure what you need?

Nourished vitamins  Variety stacks

If you’re still on the fence about what kind of nutrition you need to suit your day-to-day life, don’t fret. Nourished vitamins let you build your very own personalised gummy vitamin stack that you can tailor just for you. Choose from 28 different vitamins, nutrients and supplements to create the perfect stack for your unique lifestyle.

Buy now (£35 per monthly box, get-nourished.com)

Head to get-nourished.com and find the Nourished vitamins stack personalised to suit you today

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