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Top 15 Luxury Vegan Skincare Brands to add to your shopping list

For a product to be approved for Vegan Certification, it must not contain any animal-derived ingredients.

Vegan skincare has been booming in the past 5 years, and you probably already are using quite a few vegan beauty and makeup products, but are they fully vegan?

Today, I’d like to explore the world of luxury vegan skincare, where 100% cruelty-free brands remain a somewhat elusive find. It’s worth noting that many well-known organic and cruelty-free skincare companies still incorporate animal by-products such as lanolin and beeswax into their formulations.

Top 15 Luxury Vegan Skincare Brands to add to your shopping list

To achieve full vegan certification, these animal-derived ingredients must be replaced with plant-based alternatives, which can prove challenging for brands as they strive to maintain the same level of effectiveness in their products.

One brand that particularly stands out in my skincare journey is Aesop. What’s intriguing is that they don’t overtly market themselves as a fully vegan brand, but after conducting thorough research, I discovered that they indeed are. Aesop has earned my trust over the years, and I can attest to the meticulous research and high-quality products they offer. Their Parsley Seed range, in particular, is remarkable and highly recommended for individuals with stressed skin. While Aesop’s products may not be the most budget-friendly, the quality and performance of their formulations align with their price point.

Another noteworthy brand on my radar is Facetheory, known for its results-driven approach and extensive use of effective formulas to address a wide range of skincare concerns. They offer both regular and PRO ranges, with the PRO incorporating more potent ingredients. Facetheory’s pricing varies, with some products starting as low as £4.99, while more advanced options can reach the £30-£40 range. You can also enjoy a 30% discount on their website using the code NAS30. Read my post, Your Ultimate Guide to Facetheory’s Top 5 Products for Combination Skin, to learn more about the brand and see which 5 products work best on combination skin.

KYLIE Skin is a viable luxury vegan skincare option for those with youthful skin and minimal concerns. While their products offer excellent hydration, they may not provide extensive anti-ageing benefits. Among their products, the eye cream stands out as a product that delivers noticeable results, although KYLIE Skin focuses more on aesthetics than on active skin products that target any specific concerns.

A similar evaluation applies to Monday Muse, a brand that initially was offering only two luxury vegan skincare products, the potent Daily Serum and Vitamin Facial Oil, but has now expanded to five products. Their products not only provide a luxurious experience but also yield impressive results. However, I highly recommend considering these products if you prefer a minimalist skincare routine or enjoy incorporating various luxury vegan brands into your regimen. Prices start at £28 for the 15ml bottle and go up to £40 for the 30ml size.

Discover my top 15 Luxury Vegan Skincare Brands Below

Evolve Beauty

Evolve Beauty crafts its products in small batches in their studio lab in England to ensure freshness. Their luxury vegan skincare range is cruelty-free and eco-friendly, aligning with their commitment to sustainable practices.

Shop them here.

Monday Muse

Monday Muse specializes in creating minimalistic, multi-purpose luxury vegan skincare products with intentional ingredients. They are dedicated to promoting healthy skin and minimizing the number of products you need for your routine.

Shop them here.


Bybi is known for its effective, natural, luxury, vegan, and cruelty-free skincare. Their products are enriched with nourishing ingredients packed with vitamins and minerals to enhance your skin’s well-being.

Shop them here.


Directly from California comes Biossance, a pioneer in sustainable, biotech, luxury and vegan skincare. Their innovative use of a unique skin-hydrating wonder ingredient—squalane- sets them apart. Biossance is the first to source squalane renewably and exclusively from 100% plant-based origins, setting a new standard for ethical skincare.

Shop them here.


Facetheory is a clean, luxury vegan skincare brand that offers result-driven actives, sustainable packaging, and affordable pricing. They are both vegan and cruelty-free, ensuring their products are kind to your skin and the environment.

Use code NAS30 for 30% off their website.

Shop them here.


Aesop is synonymous with luxury vegan skincare and is known for its meticulous attention to detail, efficacy, and sensory pleasure. Their formulations are designed to pamper your skin while delivering exceptional results.

Shop them here.

Pai Skincare

Pai is committed to using organic ingredients and holds certifications from COSMOS (Soil Association), Cruelty-Free International, and The Vegan Society. They prioritize both skin health and ethical standards in their skincare offerings. It is definitely a luxury vegan skincare that we should look out for.

Shop them here.

Naked Sundays

Naked Sundays’ mission is simple: to make sunscreen fun, easy to use, invisible, multi-tasking formulas that will have you actually enjoying wearing your SPF every single day. Inspired by Bondi Beach, Naked Sundays are packed with skin-loving antioxidants, designed for topping up over makeup or on their own. Their luxury vegan skincare products are mainly SPF50 serums, gels, sprays and body creams.

Shop them here.


Launched by Kylie Jenner, KYLIE Skin offers vegan and cruelty-free luxury skincare with a chic and aesthetic appeal. Their products are excellent for basic skincare needs, emphasizing simplicity and effectiveness.

Shop them here.


Versed might not be a luxury vegan skincare brand due to the low pricing, but it’s definitely high quality. It follows European Union standards and avoids over 1,300 questionable ingredients to ensure its products are safe for your body and the planet. They are actively dedicated to reducing waste and minimizing their carbon footprint.

Shop them here.


Odacite, inspired by French skincare and California living, was founded on the principles of efficacy and purity. Their luxury vegan skincare products are designed to provide both a sensory experience and remarkable results.

Shop them here.

Youth to the People

Youth to the People aims to empower your skin with the best of nature and science. Their luxury vegan skincare products are designed to give your skin a youthful, revitalized glow. Rooted in the belief that superfood ingredients can transform your skin, Youth to the People formulates its products with a powerful blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and botanical extracts. With a commitment to clean and cruelty-free beauty, their range includes cleansers, serums, and moisturizers that are effective and eco-conscious.

Shop them here.

Fourth Ray

Fourth Ray’s prices might not qualify as luxury vegan skincare, but it is dedicated to creating progressive formulas that are 100% cruelty-free and vegan. While the brand may not currently be available in the UK, they offer free shipping for orders over $60, making their products accessible.

Shop them here.

Fenty Skin

Rihanna’s Fenty Skin offers result-driven skincare with vegan and cruelty-free formulations. Their products aim to deliver exceptional skincare results while adhering to ethical standards.

Shop them here.

The world of vegan skincare

In conclusion, the skincare world has embraced the ethos of cruelty-free and vegan formulations, and these 11 brands exemplify the pinnacle of luxury and ethical skincare. Whether you’re looking for minimalistic, multi-purpose products, effective natural ingredients, or sustainable and result-driven solutions, these brands offer diverse options to cater to your specific skin needs.

From the meticulous craftsmanship of Aesop to the chic simplicity of KYLIE Skin and the commitment to both efficacy and purity at Odacite, these brands have one common goal: to provide exceptional skincare experiences that leave you feeling confident and radiant.

As you explore these brands further by clicking on the provided links, you’ll discover a world of possibilities for nourishing your skin while supporting ethical and environmentally conscious practices. Your skincare journey can now be both luxurious and aligned with your values. Embrace the beauty of cruelty-free, vegan skincare, and let your skin glow with gratitude for the care you provide it.

I’d love to hear about any other brands you think I should try or include in the comments below.  

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Top 100% luxury vegan skincare brands

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